Control Your Mindset, Control Your Life!

You probably think that the title of this post is crazy and you know what? I probably would’ve agreed with you about a year ago. Today on the other hand I can honestly say that the most powerful thing that you have is your mind. With our minds we see the things that we want and need to see. We create ideas with our mind on how we want things to be or happen but, the thing that we vitally forget to do is set a clear path to reach those great and wonderful ideas.

How do we control our mind to get what we want?

This is the ultimate question! Whether you want to be a stress-free, happy, healthy, successful, loved, wealthy, etc… we have to know how to train our mind to get to our desired end result. I am not talking about creating goals and then creating a plan how to reach a goal (this will be another topic for a later date.) Here is what I have learned from reading/ listening to books and my own personal experiences. The following list is what I do personally and have done successfully to take control of my life.

  • This first thing I do is start with a seed.  The “seed” is my vague idea in its infant stage.  For example I want to be successful.  I’m not sure what I want to be successful at but I have an idea.
  • Once I have my seed I turn it into detailed image of what it would look like in my minds eye. I never write any of this down! Remember I am trying to get into the proper mindset. I am not trying to create a goal. Strictly mindset here. Sticking to the example of success or being successful here is what I personally see in my minds eye (I still do this everyday and see the same exact thing.) I see myself stand in a waiting room staring at myself in the mirror. I’m wearing a dark grey suit with light pinstripes. It fits perfectly, my hands are putting the final touches on my neck tie and then follow the tie down to my waist line where I proceed to check the alignment of my belt, zipper and, tie. I then bring my hands to the top of my suit jacket lapels and make one final adjustment, button the middle button and have an overall look of satisfaction. I always have a smile on my face.
  • Once I have pounded and ingrained this image into my mind I continue on to all the feelings and emotions that come along with it. I see myself smiling. Why? I’m happy, ecstatic, relieved, accomplished, content, the list goes on and on. My hands are sweating a little, my checks are little flush and my body temp is elevated not a lot just enough to let me know that I have done it. That I have made it!  This is my body taking in all the emotion that comes along with my success. This step is a must! Feelings and Emotions are very powerful and create your well being. I will make this another topic for discussion at later time. 
  • Lastly I take my surroundings into effect. Here are few examples of what I mean: What does the suit feel like? What is the temp in the room? I can feel the heat off the lights just above the mirror. Why am I not sitting on the couch behind me? Why did they put that hideous painting on the wall?  I really like the plant in the room. My dress shoes actually feel comfortable on the soft carpet. You get the idea.

I continue to picture this image and everything that it entails everyday. Why? Here’s why what your mind sees will become your reality whether you like it or not! This is how you control your life! Think about this for a minute. Are you unhappy? Always in a bad mood? Stressed to the max? What are you thinking about? The bills, work, making sure the kids are fine, why everything seems to break, etc?  What do you do on a daily basis? All these thoughts, feelings, and emotions are set in your mind and YOU are the one putting theme there!

Change your thinking and your life will change life! Smile :), Do it right now, it creates a wonderful feeling! Get rid of all the negative and replace it with postive. Once you have your mindset making goals and planing them out become easy. Have a great a wonderful day and Enjoy your new life!

P.S. If you would like some reading material changing your mindset and life I will provide some of the books that I have listened to and read below.

Think and Grow Rich
No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline


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